Anoying nurse

After care

When you are discharged from hospital, it is far less dramatic than when you arrived.

First they have given you a new med to hold you over until the aftercare  psychiatrist  can make an appointment. Then the Aftercare Nurses start calling. Checking in on me and my state of mind EVERY DAY.

I found this to be annoying.

→Then the Psychiatrist appointment.← I will not go into details here as most are private and the rest is irrelevant.I will mention the -go to- drug a lot of Doctors like to use. It is not even a medication as a mineral. It was originally used to calm “savage’ animals that were trapped or caged. It’s very effective with manic patients. It is called Lithium. Sometimes.

It feels like you put a faucet in your self ; turned it on ; and let every emotion drain out of you. You feel very stable but are very boring. (look it up) The Therapists are much more interesting. They are usually psyc. students that want to be there as much as you do. They seem to think they can yank every bad thing that ever happened to you and place it on the floor to be examined.Well that sums up my hospital adventure. The rest is kind of boring.

Feel Better→ Get a new job→crash and break down→get fired from job→back on disability→feel better………and so on. I am in the getting better phase….wish me luck!

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