Stigma of ……..

Okay, this the big one. So many find the way we are treated in society is just plane shitty. I hear;

⇒I do not know how to deal with you…..

⇒I want to help……

⇒(big one) are you on meds for that…..

for that for that for that for that for that for that…………..

What is →for that

People who have (sorry, suffer with that) Mental illness do not go home and practice it like a satanic right (apologies’ to the Satanists out there).

Political correct speak drives me nuts. I am a survivor of mental illness, is one I hear a lot. I suffer from mental illness equally irks me.

I am Mentally Ill. I take care myself the best I can. I take my meds. I go to counselling. I am a human being that is sick. I have treatment like someone with a broken arm; immobilize and drugs to deal with the pain. Simple right. If only people saw it that way.

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