The Medication Wheel

The Medication Ferris Wheel

After having loads of fun sitting around watching TV, the powers that be, decided to spring me. Now freedom was tentative. I now was caught in the Mental Health system. I was doomed to weekly counseling (usually psych students) and was assigned a doctor to assess me and decide what medication I should be on.

The only treatment, (so I have been told) for Bi-Polar Disorder, is medication. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the meds. They have kept me stable over the years; it is the side-effects they cause. Some of effects can be fun (seeing pretty colours etc.)

Most meds leave me feeling like a 300kg bean bag stuck to the carpet. Not Fun.

Before all this. I had gone through a rather nasty divorce. After I was diagnosed it was very difficult to gain any kind of time with my Kids  But, I managed to raise 3 incredible people to adulthood.

Ok, we are going to move through time now. To somewhere near present day. lets say….30 yrs. or so.

Any miracle cures for mental illness……….Nope

Any new medications, remedies, or plans to make it so……..Nope

I am on the same meds and treatments today as I was 30 years ago. –



They have medicated that out of me.

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