Mental Illness Can Zap Motivation

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Mental Illness Can Zap Motivation – HealthyPlace E-Zine

Mental health difficulties can make life challenging, and they can zap our motivation and zest for life. Motivation is a force within us that can inspire and energize. Motivation can also be the opposite; it can be an unreachable concept that zaps and deflates. When we’re dealing with a mental illness, be it depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, or any other condition, we can find it hard to be enthusiastic about doing anything. When Depression Causes A Lack of Motivation.Then, to add insult to injury, we know that we “should” be motivated to excel or even get out of bed. We want to, but we just can’t.

As if the loss of motivation and drive weren’t hard enough, people who don’t realize the scope of mental health challenges sometimes use labels like “lazy” or “unwilling to try.” That can make us feel even worse about ourselves. (The Effects of Mental Health Stigma)

Know that a loss of motivation is a side effect of many different mental illnesses. Remain focused on those things you used to love, that you would do if you could. As you recover, you’ll find that your motivation begins to return.

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