My desk is a mess!

imessy deskFor a recent WordPress assignment  to write about what is messier in my house. I whole heartedly  nominate my computer desk. It is a multi-purpose flat space that allows around 40 percent to my computer, and around 60 percent for every other pierce of work I need to do, or was done but not filed-mailed-scanned-destroyed.

Looking at it now, I still have a broken table light  sitting there a replacement. I bought the lamp, thinking I was environmentally conscious. It is a led lamp that apparently draws less power than a regular incandescent one. I had it for 2 weeks when it started flashing. I found this was very disturbing to my work,. I should turf the thing, but I have no place to recycle at my apartment building and to throw it out in the trash would be wrong.

As I further inventoried my desk, I have found  bills that need paying. Empty pop bottles, again, waiting to be recycled. For some strange reason I have s candy thermometer beside my non-functioning lamp. Then the necessities; speakers. monitor, keyboard a mouse pad and mouse, head set (broken but fixable), internet router, and various other wires and stuff.

Not quite ready to wrap the thing up in caution tape; but close enough.

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