Complaining about the heat (again)

Melting happy faceI know that there are people down in Phoenix laughing at me for thinking that 32ºC is hot, but with a humidex  of 38º, that is hot for Ontario, Canada. I have had to shut off my computer 3 times to let it cool down. My budgies are complaining and they are supposed to be tropical birds.

One of the downfalls of being on psychotropic medication is it makes you much more sensitive to the heat. I feel like everything solid in me has turned to mush. I know enough complaining. “you can’t change the weather.” My mother used to tell me.

What if we could! What if we all had an app to change local, regional weather. What a skirmish that would cause. We would have to take turns. 3 days each.

It would put the entire weather service out of business, because who would be able to keep up. Predicting the weather would be impossible. What would happen to climate change. Each federal government would have to have a override for their own weather to stop it from going too far.

Weather wars! Each country would have a team of weather control hackers to try to break into each others weather system control. Total anarchy would break out. Finally after everyone was just fed up with it all, the world leaders would get together and, after much discussion, they agreed to pass total control of all weather to a higher power. This higher power thanked them and set everything straight.

Realizing that they had given control back to who had it before, peace fell over the land.

It is still too flipping HOT.


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