One of My Budgies has Escaped!!

I put the cover on the cage, like I always do but I forgot to close one of the doors. The next thing I see is one of the birds flying across the living room. These are only caged  birds and not the best he would slide into a wall and slide down to the floor. Over and over again. Every time I would approached him he would just fly away into another wall.

As I am writing this, he is lost for now. I can’t find him anywhere. I will assume he will stop this game of hide and seek and head for his food in the cage. The alternative is tearing the apartment apart and end up hurting him.

He is a domestic bird, scared hiding away from his home and family so he will call out eventually, I hope.

Wish me luck!

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One response to “One of My Budgies has Escaped!!

  1. Took 4 hours but the budgie is safe and sound in their cage


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