When I was 16

16 years old was a very non-productive time in my life. I was crashing from my great cross country adventure, In fact , I was a total burnout. I had finished with school and taken up working at the bowling ally. My favorite hangout was a place called Nancy’s Deli (long closed now). It was a split between a fifty”s ice cream parlor snd low end sandwich shop. The main attraction was the bottomless cup of coffee.

All my friends hung out there too slowly getting addicted to caffeine and cigarettes. (I used to smoke back then) The Manager/owner  and I had a ‘rocky’ relationship at best, But I did bring in a lot of friends and we would  order food enough of the time to make me tolerable at least.

We had it out one time. I lost the argument, he threw me out and banned me, I had to find a new hang out spot with free coffee.

Amazingly Nancy’s closed down soon after that as I was bringing in all the regular customer. I know that sounds arrogant but it was true.

That is when I started hanging around the bowling alley and eventually got a job there. I was a “Pin Chaser”. In other words I did all the dirty work there.

I decided that I was going to move out and live on my own. I ended up renting the couch in a friends bedroom for 50 dollars a month. It was all I could afford on my wage of 60 dollars a week.  I started getting into drugs then. Nothing serious just a little pot and hash oil. My big adventure with drugs was short lived. I quit after the police started searching all the kids that worked there, I was pretty bored with the whole drug culture by then.

The rest of my sixteenth year was pretty boring and not worth mentioning.

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