Why a Security Officer

I became a security officer because it put me in charge of most situations……most.

One of the major side effects of having Agoraphobia is the feeling of helplessnessbadge_m133 in a wrong situation. Working in a position of  authority helps to lessen that feeling. Also, there rules, oh those wonderful rules! People have to be predictable, and obedient, or the security guard will show them the correct way of doing things.

It’s a power rush but it can be the only way an agoraphobic person (like me) can even go outside. I wonder how many civil servants out there (like police,fire fighters) are fighting the same demons we do and it gets you wondering why they overreact a lot of the time. As we have been seeing on TV quite a bit recently.

I did quite well as a security supervisor until they switched me to day shift. Then, there were too many people in the office, most of them my superior. I had lost control of my workplace and I resigned a few months after.

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