Summer Camp

When I was 15 I got a job as a junior councilor at a local day camp. It was a real coming of age time for me. I learned a lot of skills I still use today; First aid, conflict skills, Life guarding, general camping stuff that Isummer-camp-border-clipart-14909_2 knew pretty much from Boy Scouts 🙂

And most of all How To Party! As it was a day camp we would wave good bye to all the kids in the school buses as they drove away. Then it was a race to the coolers to get the beer.

I wasn’t much of a drinker before this experience,  but the other councilors really broke me in, I learned to drink to excess. In hindsight not a good thing, but then it was freedom. Inhibitions gone and I was a rock star! I know only 15 and acting this way just shows you to keep an eye on your 15 year old.

Yep it was a summer of firsts for me. First job, first time needing to show responsibility (failed that one), first girlfriend, first physical relationship, and first feeling of freedom. ( look for that one today). Well made it through without getting canned. They didn’t hire me back the next year, Apparently I was a bad influence on my fellow workers ( that gave me a good laugh ).

I continued to party that summer but not as hard as out at the camp. It was back to school time and one of the worst lows of my life.


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2 responses to “Summer Camp

  1. You’re so honest about yourself, thanks for sharing Eric.


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