When I was a member of the Red Cross Disaster Management, I was given the honor to participate in helping people through rough times as mother nature sent down her worst. Or a family would  be left homeless after a house fire.

I remember coming up on one scene, for my first time, on a very cold morning, There had been a house fire and the house was demolished. A pregnant mother and 2 children shivering in they’re sock feet on the sidewalk. My first thought was get them warm and in a safe place.

We had a contract with the city bus service, It supplied heat light and a place to work from – every NGO has a mountain of paperwork. Victim Services arrived on site and were able to help a bit more as they worked for the City and had access to more services. With victim services in site, we could stand down.

I had many other emergencies to deal with as a Team Leader. Setting up and maintaining shelters for those displaced by flood or fire. I am proud to say that no one got hurt under my care.

I would go into more detail, but I cannot for privacy reasons.ISRC red cross

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