Dinner out with my daughter

I owed my daughter a dinner for some help in this crazy life. We went out to a very popular restaurant and it was packed! My first reaction was to flee, didn’t want to fight so I chocked down my fear (getting better at that) and proceeded to enter the restaurant.

running out doorI think I startled my Daughter a bit, as she is used to me hesitating for awhile to push the fear down before we could go in. (There were times in my past that I could not go in at all.) This time, I entered just like a normal person, sat down and we had a pleasant meal. We enjoyed each others company rather than sitting like a prairie squirrel ready to run at anytime. ( it’s happened )

We both ate too much, left the restaurant CROSSED the parking lot WITHOUT anxiety. I drove my Daughter home, went home myself and crashed.

Well can’t expect every day to be perfect.

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