Never lose yourself to the illness

When someone writes a piece about no hope in their own condition, they should look hard at the audience that will be reading the article. That was up and beyond ‘wining’, this person is crying for help. But instead of screaming their pain in the dark, look around and see what you are doing.

The article shook me up and probably did ( and will ) people who suffer from mental illness. I hope someone knows a professional or knows someone who knows the author that can get them help.

I am wondering if I should have reblogged the original. The last thing I would want to see it acting as a catalyst  for someone on the edge like that.


To show a copy one of the comments I received:


There’s no “cure” for any condition that’s hard-wired into us. But there doesn’t need to be. There is a silver lining–a set of keys that only you possess. And there is a God. Both are ultimately better than a cure. Keep on going, my friend. You are not alone!

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