There is no cure???

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I often get told that there is no cure for my depression, my heavy suicide thoughts and my social anxiety disorder, and damn it, it makes me wonder ‘what am I fighting for then’ because I know for a fact that I can’t live with this thing in me through a whole lifetime. Then what I/ we do? We can’t bloody live on prozac till the day we die! That’s not a cure that’s masking the symptoms but HEY that’s the recommended way to do it, apparently, but I won’t buy it

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2 responses to “There is no cure???

  1. There’s no “cure” for any condition that’s hard-wired into us. But there doesn’t need to be. There is a silver lining–a set of keys that only you possess. And there is a God. Both are ultimately better than a cure. Keep on going, my friend. You are not alone!


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