I am bad for making decisions by the seat of my pants. I rarely research a situation before I jump right in. Sometime it has turned into a good happening, usually not.

For instance; Bad: Quitting high school when I was 15. I think I put a whole 10 minutes into that one.

Good: Raising 3 wonderful children into adulthood. I didn’t have time to think that one through. The just appeared 😉 .

In fact: most of the decisions I made using my gut (so to speak), have had very happy endings. I corrected my education blunder by returning to college earning a diploma as a papered Chef. Impatience

I have made many good and bad decisions in the past, and I am sure I will make a few in the future, but I am pretty sure I will make some good ones too. I just wish I had learned to Touch Type. Oh well.


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2 responses to “Decisions

  1. It is said that the ones who are fearless in taking decisions are the ones who rise the highest because after all higher the risks higher the profits 😉


  2. Hey, never too late to learn touch typing. I was your age when I learned. ;>)


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