Just got back from shopping…….

I think there should be agoraphobic spots in parking lots. I wonder what the sign would look like……Screaming-Driver-794

I just returned from going to the drug store ( no cart ) and suddenly I felt like I was running with the bulls in Spain. I have nothing against Spain they just seem to have too many bulls running around.

Anyway, everyone decided to leave the parking lot ( did I mention It only had one entrance ) at the same time. I am holding shopping bags trying to maneuver between these impatient drivers who must have learned how to use their horn that day. They sure were practicing a lot.

One driver wanted to go head-to-head with me. I felt like shouting out “I am soft and fleshy, you would win.” But I decided the best move was give the car title of win by default and quickly get out of the way. road-rage

By this time my brain was in over-drive and I was dodging the parked cars too. Best to make sure. I make it back to the van, tore the door off from it’s hinges ( kidding ) and jumped in.

My heart was pounding to the point of pain. I’d hate to see my blood pressure at that time. The cars were still trying to get out and every time one of them hit the horn, I hit the roof.

Finally made it out. I waited until the lot was almost empty before I made my escape.

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