I am not a drunk

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “These Horns Were Made for Tooting.”

Some people see me as a drunk. I explain that I quit drinking almost 30 years ago, except for of couple of relapses when I was younger, and it is the effects of the medication that cause me to slure my words, look like I am going to fall over at any minute,and cause me to forget what I just heard a few minutes earlier.

I further have to explain that my “hangover” each morning is also medication induced. I guess these ( lucky few ) people have never been on or around long term medication. I hope they never do for their sake.


September 15, 2015 · 2:33 pm

2 responses to “I am not a drunk

  1. Congratulation son your many years of sobriety. It takes courage to go “public” – sending good vibes and light your way.


  2. Honesty with yourself and honesty with others. You took one huge step in the right direction. Congratulations.


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