Name TagsMy name is mental illness – No got that wrong again – My name is Eric. Now if I can mix those up I can just imagine how many other people can. And they do!

Sometimes I feel like I am wearing one of those HI MY NAME IS…. stickers and of course underneath there would be BI-POLAR, SOCIAL ANXIATY, AND BOUTS OF DEPRESSION. Instead of my name.

It sounds silly but I feel like it is pinned to my chest 24/7. I know “I just project my malady” as my doctor used to say. It still doesn’t remove the sticker from my shirt.

Ok I wear that damned sticker, the whole world knows I have a mental illness. Why do they treat me that way….The way a dog can be treated. Some would pick up the dog and take him home, others would just kick the dog to the curb and walk away.

Ok I am exaggerating the story of that poor dog, but some times I feel “over coddled” or treated with distain.

I am simply a human with an illness. Just treat me that way. ⇒⇒Ripping off the sticker from my shirt⇐⇐ “I’ll just tell everyone I have the flu”

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  1. That last sentence tells it all. People accept broken bones, and catastropic (sp) Illness but they just don’t accept broken spirits or emotions. It’s disgusting. Dog. Meet Dog! Great post!


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