My Budgies are Home

My thought that they would fly back into their cage overnight was a bust. I have spent several hours catching them and putting them back in their home.

It reminded me when I was a child and we had gerbils. They were always chewing them selves out to freedom. We could usually find them near a heat source, like under a radiator. Our whole family would band together and go gerbil hunting. we could never find them all and for years we could hear them in the walls. probably multiplying like crazy.gerbie

Fun Fact: The average gerbil’s litter is 7+ babies, and they can have a litter every 2 months. That’s a hell of a lot of Gerbils. If you buy one as a pet stick to ONE. We all have to work together to keep Canada’s gerbil population in check.


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3 responses to “My Budgies are Home

  1. Our gerbils used to hide in woolly hats. One of my friend’s found her children crying over their stone cold dead gerbil one day and they put it in a little box and buried it. Later that evening their dad came home and when told about their pets demise he ran out to the garden and dug it up. After placing it near a heat source they waited to see if a ‘resurrection’ might occur and sure enough some hours later, the little creature opened it’s sleepy eyes. I think they renamed him Lazarus after that. 🙂

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  2. I never had gerbils, but I had quite a few rats growing up! They were amazingly intelligent, they figured out how to detach parts of their cage and could get out whenever they wanted. They were super sweet though- I could walk them outdoors without any leash- they would just follow me around. Miss them.


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