Aniety and Depression

Not having a good day today. My living room is getting smaller as the walls move inward. I am emotionally stuck to my chair. This guy outside is cutting up something with a very loud skill saw. the sound of which is climbing up my spine toward my headache.

My birds won’t stop screeching. they may soon regret it. Don’t worry I would never hurt my birds, yell as them is another story. but that would just make my headache worse.

I am in the pit again. the one where all sounds are amplified and all emotion is sucked out of you. I don’t like it here, it is damp and cold and dark. I can sense many of us down here, but the others just scatter when I approach. I must have hit bottom the time. I can’t see the light at the top of the hole.

I know I will get out eventually but the pain and anxiety aren’t done with me yet.


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2 responses to “Aniety and Depression

  1. Sorry it’s such a bad day for you Eric. Put a cover over the bird cage if you can. Will that quieten them down a bit? Don’t forget to breathe, you know ‘this too shall pass’ but it’s a pain while you wait for it to go.


  2. Hey there, when next this happens try to clear your head: go for a run, listen to your favourite song, take a walk. Just don’t sit there. Take care


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