My phone

My cell phone is in it’s last throws of agony. It is breaking down beyond my tolerable levels. Now, I have to go through the painful process of buying a new one.

I know very little about the new cell phones. but because my contract was up over a year ago, apparently the new phone will be free. I want to keep my old one as it has over 1200 songs on it. (I know…I know).

I am a die hard iPhone user. Simply because I have an iPad and use iTunes, It all fits together. I have finally grasped the workings of the “i Language” I don’t want to learn “Android”. It all sounds like too complicated to me.

My Daughter is a Cell phone pro so she is going to take me phone shopping next week. She is an “i Person” so she can get me the best deal.


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2 responses to “My phone

  1. I think if you go to the Apple store they will tell you how you can keep those songs on your phone. Believe me, I’m usually ready to throw MY phone out the window at least three times a week…… I hope you get a great deal!

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