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A Journey to Fitness

Well I had my first meeting with the Nurse yesterday. With my Doctor’s blessings, I have joined the Get Fit program. I start by  having to offer up myself up to weights, measurements, blood tests, and cardio tests.

I am not saying I don’t need all of this, I signed up with my free will. I have lost over 60 lbs. this year so far. I just need a bit more of a push to lose the other 60 or so lbs.home scale

Yesterday were meetings with the Nurse, Nutritionist, and Kinesiologist. That was a barrel of laughs. One to question me, one to make me feel guilty about what I am eating, and one to torture me on the fitness equipment. Fun wow. But, I have brought this down on myself for my own good. My Doctor will be happy.

I will keep you posted as this goes along.

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