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US pulls out of UN Human rights council.

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World BiPolar Day

bipolaf day

Hey, did you know we have a Day – Go figure! 

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All grown up


When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?” (from 365-days-of-writing-prompts)

I guess the fist time I really felt like a grown up, was when I was fifteen years old (I matured early) and I “ran away from home”. I decided to hitch hike across Canada to British Columbia. In hind sight it really was not the most mature thing I could do.

The freedom I felt was fantastic. I really felt self-confident for the first in a long time.

Of course I had no idea that I was on a big manic high – Until I returned home and crashed into a bad depression about two weeks later and quit school, and had my first thoughts of suicide. I should have looked for help then but I had no Idea what was happening.

I don”t remember feeling too grown up then.

Stay tuned for the rest of my travel across Canada!

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A Brief review of : “Like a hole in the heart” by Sam Rodgers

I really enjoyed reading   Like a hole in the heart  from the Blog  An odd geography . It flowed very well and I just had to read it right through. Unfortunately I had a Mini Stroke, a number of years back Sam Rodgers description of his event was spot on. The human style in which he wrote the blog was comforting as he takes us an a journey that, I know, scared the heck out of me.

Sam Rodgers is an excellent writer. I look forward to his future postings amd catchiong up on his previous ones.

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