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A few days ago I was walking through my living room, minding my own business, when I managed to trip over the only thing on the floor that doesn’t belong, my running shoe. When I fall, I Fall. On the way down I hit my hip on the, now flattened, coffee table; Hit the sofa tearing the cushion. Then landed. Wedged between what was left of the coffee table and the sofa. After assessing my situation for a few seconds, I tried to get up off the floor ( which I now know needs vacuuming ) with no success.

As described in earlier posts, I am a big guy and at the best of times it is hard to get up off the floor. Adding the fact that I was wedged, I was slipping into panic mode. Anxiety makes you do funny things like think about calling 911 to rescue me from my predicament. Common sense kicked in and I decided having Firefighters come rushing in here just to lift me from the floor was overreacting a little bit. Falling-Off-Couch

Then it dawned on me to move the coffee table so I could get up ( I’m not a total idiot this all took place in a matter of seconds.) So with minimal effort I moved the crushed table and used the sofa to get up. Problem solved.

I had the table propped up and the rip in the sofa taped up with duct tape by supper time. I ate supper and went to bed, carefully, not lying on the side with bruised hip. Had a dream of getting hit by a truck.

The next morning I got up did my bathroom stuff and headed for the living room. I stumbled in the same place as the day previous. On the same old shoe. I hadn’t fallen this time so there was no need for the paramedics this time, but that shoe is in the garbage.


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The Fall

fall tree

Summer is almost over and we move onto my favorite time of year, Autumn. The air is getting crisper and dryer. There are no heat warnings, humidex (feels like) reports on the radio. It is getting cooler and more rain is falling but the hot sweaty days of summer are over.

Above all is the wonderful colours the trees are turning. All the reds and yellows, so bright you fee like you are in a different world. The smell of the leaves is intoxicating and freshly fallen leaves still feel alive in your hand. If you smell one you can smell the life it once gave the huge tree it came from.

The squirrels are starting to dig the holes for their nuts hidden away for the winter. The leaves on the ground act as a damper for sound so it is wonderfully quiet in-between  the trees.

I try to get out side as much as possible this time of year as the fall season is short and I like to enjoy as much of it as I can.


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