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The Summer of Prozac

dgI was depressed so I went to my family Doctor just like the pamphlets said to do when you are feeling down for more than a week. I was feeling very self conscious sitting in the waiting room with a mental problem rather then an obvious physical one.

Once the Doctor was able to see me (appointments didn’t seem to mean much in his office, I was there for a 3:45 and I got in at 4:30) I began to tell him the symptoms I was feeling for the past month. He did his usual non-committal Hmmm’s and I see’s. He finally asked me if I have heard of Clinical Depression, I answered that I had ( just the whole reason for being there ).

The Doc reached into his goodies cupboard and pulled out a box of I-don’t-know-what-was and instructed me to take it twice a day for 6 weeks, then come back and we will see if they worked. I was a bit upset with myself for resorting to psychoactive drugs to  treat my depression, but so be it.

The first 3 days I felt nauseous and dizzy, and had this pinging sound in my head. I called the Doctor and his nurse booked me in for one of (his sort of time) appointments. After listening to his hmms and ahs , I explained the side effects I was getting being on this medication. He reached into the candy cupboard and produced this flashy box called PROZAC. This was when it had been in the news a lot recently and thought of The Wonder Drug and equally advertised as the drug to stay away from.

I was full of questions but received questions that quelled my apprehensions about the drug.After being weened off the old med, I started the Prozac. On the label, there was a pretty clear warning about not giving this med to people diagnosed with Bi-polar or Manic Depressive disorders. Up to this time, we were assuming that I was just diagnosed with good old depression.

HAH! were we wrong. I remember the first day on Prozac the whole world lit up. In side or outside. I had to where sunglasses everywhere. As the Symptoms increased My inhibitions dropped. I was strutting around wearing a straw hat, torn tie dyed shirt, blue jean cutoffs and flip flops. (this from the man who summer wear was not wearing a tie.)

I used to hang out in the food courts until ejected for loitering. I almost got arrested for asking for spare cash downtown. I won’t go into the other mischief I got into. Finally the inevitable happens, I CRASHED into a deep depression, so much so I had to be hospitalized. (see The Hospital Visit)  This were my first feelings of suicide. I was a train wreck. I remember sitting in the hospital waiting room, dressed like a cast member of  ‘Hair’ (only without the hair) uncontrollably crying, just wanting to run away.

Finally an intake nurse came in an admitted me into ‘the other hospital/Sanitarium.

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Not funny

dspreeserI know I make fun of living with mental illness. I guess the stories and disclosers I write on these pages  help me deal with my own illness and disorders. The harsh truth when dealing with this subject is that it is NOT FUNNY.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a mental illness get help. I can’t express that strongly enough.

I have seen the heartbreak of family members of those who have taken their own life. It is so pointless and devastating to others. Depression has 4 outcomes; the good is counselling, medication, and regular exercise, the bad is taking your own life. I have spoken and counselled many people who were on the edge of that dark pit of total despair  ( I volunteered in mental health centre ). The have a plan, written their goodbyes and justifications in a letter and were not expecting to see the light of the next day.

Sometimes all that person needs is someone to talk to, or need a hug and a good cry. Other times the authorities need to be called. I will write about the proper procedure if you find your self in this situation.

The bottom line is that:

 Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

(I have always liked that one)

If you are, even fleetingly, thinking of hurting yourself Get Help!

If you know of, or are talking to, someone who needs help. Get help yourself on how to deal with a suicidal person.

Get them help, whatever it takes.

Someone always Loves you and the last thing they would want to see is you dead.

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Red Pill, Blue Pill

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/red-pill-blue-pill/”>Red Pill, Blue Pill</a>


I practically live off of pills as it is. 18 in the morning and 16 at night.

If I could take another to take care of my nutrition needs too ⇒ Bring it on!

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A Brief review of : “Like a hole in the heart” by Sam Rodgers

I really enjoyed reading   Like a hole in the heart  from the Blog  An odd geography . It flowed very well and I just had to read it right through. Unfortunately I had a Mini Stroke, a number of years back Sam Rodgers description of his event was spot on. The human style in which he wrote the blog was comforting as he takes us an a journey that, I know, scared the heck out of me.

Sam Rodgers is an excellent writer. I look forward to his future postings amd catchiong up on his previous ones.

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