silly familyFamily support is VERY important and being on ODSP you are probably living with a member. Make sure you educate your family members(s) to your condition other than just I am crazy .You can save that for the work place.

My goto reasoning is to explain mental illness is an actual physical disorder, not just an emotional one. It is usually produced by a lack or over-flow of serotonin on the brain.. This causes the synopses to misfire, either too fast (Manic) or too slow (Depression).

As stated Earlier I am not a physician nor have any medical training other first aid. I also do not give out medical advice. I am just relying on my own experiences.

This suggestion may or may not appease your family or significant other. If not, there  are many books in the library on the topic. The texts like to argue with each other but the reader can get the gist of it.

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