Don’t take away my childhood!

I am living in Ontario Canada and there are people that are actually fighting the new sex education programme. Luckily there are more that want it to move forward. The new program starts right at the grade 1 level. It teaches children not to be exploited and attempts to help them not to become “over-sexualised”. There are parents actually pulling their kids out of school because of ignorance. I reblogged “Don”t take away my childhood’ because it is a cause I am personally involved with and it is a message that needs to be heard.


Mind and Life Matters

Recently, I came across a video of a social experiment that was created to bring about awareness to young girls (read ages 10-15) about the dangers of social media and child predators. While I was happy to see that there are people out there like this gentleman Coby Persin who are taking it upon themselves to raise awareness and educate the young minds, it also saddened me that the world around us has reached a stage where even young children are not safe from sexual predators. It got me thinking, the liability for this situation definitely cannot be on the children. Children absorb everything that they see, hear and feel around them. So it has to come from what they have been witnessing around them!

child modelsOff late, what has our children been observing? Everything they see and hear from the media especially social media. Media has been dictating our lives…

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