red_button_11970488I have to admit there are a few items I have been neglecting to do. Such as; clean the bird cage, vacuum the floors, find the floors under all the pizza boxes, do the dishes (they are starting to have a life of there own). I have caught up on my laundry, so all is not lost.
I met an interesting item in the laundry room. It was a red button on the wall. Behind the washer that never worked. Scribed on a brass plaque were the bold letters.
I stared at this button for awhile. A woman entered the laundry room hurriedly. She stopped suddenly and began to stare at the sane red button I was gawking at myself. Another man comes in and inquired if all the washers were in use. He then left abruptly without an answer.
The button continued to concern me as what if an irresponsible person would enter the laundry room and push the button; as soon as the thought left my head. A little man with a very long hair and beard ran into the laundry room, jumped up on the washer that never works shouted ‘LOOK OUT'(There was hardly a need to shout as we were just a meter away. but shout he did anyway. Then he pushed the red button with plaque clearly stating Do Not Push. The little man then jumped off the washer and scurried out the door. after the shock had left us we decided the best thing to do is follow the little man and bugger out of the laundry room as fast as possible; and we did.
We split up and went into our separate living spaces. At first I didn’t know what to do. Then I thought I should call the Authorities. The call went something like this:

“Police Department, how may I direct your call sir…’
I was very nerve ridden by this point and I started babbling about the washer that was broken and the plaque over the red button and about the button itself and the woman who was disturbed about the little man who was yelling in our faces right before he jump right out of the room after pushing that blasted red button.
After a long and nerve rattling silence, in which I could hear the rapid clicking of keyboards and the swishing sound of pages being turned rapidly, The voice on the other end of the phone stated ‘So, if I get this right, you did not push the actual red button yourself.’
‘Yes That is correct, it was the litt..’ The Police Constable cut me off and said.’We know all about the little fella’ he said “He means now harm, he just likes to play practical jokes.” he continued “I bet dollars to doughnuts the short guy put the button up himself,” the Constable continued. ” Everything is okay, you can go now.”
I thought that was a very strange phrase to use as I was at home already.

So I guess the day wasn’t a total write-off after all.


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2 responses to “Procrastination

  1. There’s nothing as tempting as an off-limits red button, is there? I enjoyed that post, very unusual.


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