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Am I Lazy….


Some people see me as lazy and without ambition. (These are the names I put in my little red book for later) Others see me as a faker, I can not see why anyone would wish to go through what I do every day.

I wonder what the world would be like if half the population was struck with mental illness. How would we cope with the  myriad  of different illness. How would the “normal” people cope with the new huge responsibility of care giving.

I figure most of us would be locked away in sanitariums, hospitals , and even jail. Lithium stock prices would go through the roof. Other than just medicating them, how do you deal with millions of depressed, manic, schizophrenic, suicidal, agoraphobic, claustrophobic, and many more I cannot recall at this time. How would you treat them, care for them….

There will be an escalated rate of violence, as all the psychopathic have there say.

The sad truth is we are in that state already. Not half, but a very large percentage live with mental illness every day. Look around you at the poor soul living outside because he doesn’t have the necessary coping skills to find a permanent home. He growls back at people because he is probably depressed and wants to be left alone. Millions of people in this world live with one mental illness or another but society brushes then off as stupid, or just lazy.

There are many who help those with mental illness, but there are not enough.

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