my computer and Ink

My printer broke down today (I blame the heat). The display was asking for all the colours of ink. It was also complaining about a printer head replacement, and a stuck paper in the paper feeder. I gave in and went to the Bast Buy too look for ink.

Normally when you walk in there, the sales crew is all over you.  This time, when had a l legitimate question there was no one in sight.   I finally found the ink department myself. As I am attempting to figure out which one I need, about 7 more people crowded in and and I started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

Where did everyone come from and were was that sales person to tell me which ink to buy. Finally I picked out the type I had last time and headed for the checkout line which was extremely busy and noisy. As much as I love kids , please don’t bring them to an electronic store. My level of anxiety rose through the roof and then I did what I have never done before, I asked the parent of these 3 brats to control their F**king kids….

Amazing when you do something  like (in Canada anyway) that you get sent right to the front of the line and checked out “superfast”. I think i ran from the store as I could feel manic welling up inside of me and the last thing I needed was a breakdown in front of the store. I unlocked my van (that I Parked right by the front door) Got in blasted the air conditioning and drove home.

Yes I got the right ink and yes my printer is working.

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